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Geburtstag 03.12.1983
Alter 36

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  • Meine Bilder
  • Über mich
Turn your gaze towards the moon Even further if you dare Turn your face towards the sun And be grateful that it's there (Covenant - Humility Lyrics)
  • Interessen
music, photographing, fishing, collecting old computers, retro gaming
  • Mag ich
nature, silence, good conversations, trustful friends, making music, cottage life and of course the sauna
  • Mag ich nicht
selfishness, superficiality, people that tell others what to do
  • Lieblings-Musikgenres
blackmetal, deathmetal, progressive rock, folk, ebm, electro, synthwave etc.
  • Lieblingsbands
Ages, A.L.I.S.O.N, Aura Noir, Aux88, Camel, Coldworld, Covenant (swe), Drexciya, Dynatron, In the Woods, Ison, Jasper De Ceuster, Kauan, Kingston Wall, Kroh, Midnight Odyssey, Naxatras, Obtained Enslavement, Summoning, Tulus, Ulver, Vàli, Winterwolf, Wormwood etc.